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Best practices for struggling readers in the primary grades





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My research study and the following paper are the result of years of learning and desiring how to best help struggling readers. Best practices provide strategies that will help all primary aged students quickly gain skills that will accelerate their learning to read and that in doing so will also help build confidence in their abilities. Through my review of literature, insights were gained of proven strategies that aid struggling readers. Studying the literature provided a clear picture of the components that are necessary to use to aid all students. My literature review also compares the effectiveness of individual instruction versus small group instruction. The purpose of my study was to research best practices for struggling readers that were most effective and brought the most gains in student learning. The study consisted of researching recent literature and a small study using the Reading Recovery lesson as a model for working with five second graders during a summer school course. The lesson included writing high frequency words, repeated readings, reading a new book, writing a short story, doing letter and word work, and a daily running record. The results indicated that the Reading Recovery lesson was an effective model that uses the components that are necessary for reading gains. All students made gains in a short amount of time. It also demonstrated the need for a knowledgeable and trained teacher in order to provide effective intervention.

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