Family involvement in character education





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Many girls close to me, all between the age of eleven and thirteen, began to display low confidence and self-esteem. This surprised and confused me because each had previously displayed much skill, confidence and strong self-esteem. I wanted to understand why this sudden change was happening and what, if anything could be done to prevent and enhance a young girl's self-esteem. Initially Mary Pipher, who authoredÊ"Reviving Ophelia", helped to really connect me to the subject of self-esteem in young girls. The American Association of University Women sponsored a study that reported on the major findings of girls and education. The AAUW report is titled "How Schools Shortchange Girls". Additional publications by the AAUW Educational Foundation also had great influence on me. Through my research many authors further contributed to my understanding and insight into this subject. Among the many other sources, Dr. Myra Sadker and Dr. David Sadker and Mindy Bingham and Sandy Stryker also had much influence to my learning and understanding of this complicated subject. The method I found to be most useful was compiling information for both parents and teachers. This information could be used as a quick source of reference. I organized the information into three age groups: the young girl (0-6), the elementary girl (6-12) and the adolescent girl (12+). Within each category I offered ideas and strategies that contributed to the building and maintenance of strong self-esteem in young women. My findings were interesting. Parents and Teachers have much influence on the children they are involved with. By the experiences and opportunities a child is exposed to, knowledge, skill and confidence develop. Having much confidence and experience contribute positively to the development of a young girls' self-esteem. By learning about the many strategies adults can use to aid in this development, I was able to compile lists of many sources of activities that girls can become involved in. All the sources help contribute to a strong self-esteem.

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