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Motivating girls through participation in a single gender physical education class





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My research study and following paper resulted from the declining level of participation I witnessed in eighth grade girls. When Title IX passed in 1972 it gave girls the opportunity to participate equally with males. I have benefited from Title IX my whole life and it is difficult for me to understand why some girls lack motivation and are uninterested in physical education class. My review of the literature provides evidence that adolescent girls who are physically active have higher self-esteem, assertiveness, pride, and confidence. Single-gender grouping can affect a student's level of participation in physical education. The literature also suggests that it is often the teacher's behavior that creates equity in the classroom regardless of gender. Title IX was mandated to create a more equitable learning environment for students. As Title IX is investigated, it is evident that co-ed classes may not provide an equal opportunity for all students. The purpose of this study is to see if the creation of a six-week girls-only physical education class would increase participation and motivation. This study will provide participants with opportunities to increase their activity level. The benefits are that the student may discover a new appreciation for physical education, fitness and lifetime sport. The results show that the girls involved in the study became more comfortable in physical education class. Through post survey, journaling and a group discussion it was evident that students were more involved in the class. Their participation increased and they unanimously decided to be involved in an all-girl class in the future.

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