Identifying early entrants for kindergarten: what should be considered?





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The educational system has devised a number of ways to accommodate gifted learners. This paper examines the type of acceleration known as early entrance or early admission to kindergarten. My capstone presents information from parents of early entrants years after they chose this acceleration option for their children. They share information about their child's intellectual and socio-emotional experiences with the long-term effects of early entrance. This information is compared to the original test results used by the school district when the decision to accelerate was made. My results found that certain students were more likely to benefit from early entrance than others. Parents of students who had been screened out of this process as well as parents of gifted students who could have qualified for early entrance give their own perspectives about early entrance. Early entrants share their experiences in their own words. Chapter Five revisits C.D. Maddux's 1983 study using new data with the conclusion that students who are older are more likely to be chosen for gifted classes and programs. All questionnaires are included in the appendices.

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