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The choice of a sedentary life-style has increased the percentage of over-weight/obese Americans today. My action research study and following paper resulted from a desire to empower students to develop their own fitness program and find out if their perception of fitness would change because of their ownership of the plan. My review of literature provides evidence that when students control their own learning, more positive results occur by an increase in activity and involvement in the learning process. Teachers may aid the student in his/her search and development of a personal fitness plan, but the ultimate success or failure is on the shoulders of the individual. My study consisted of sixteen 10th grade students in a physical education class. Students designed fitness plans, completed pre and post questionnaires, and kept checklists with room for journal notes. The checklists were reviewed by me to document progress at three week intervals. The students participated in the study for nine weeks. The results showed that all of my sixteen students did develop fitness plans. The results of my case study indicated that students did learn fitness habits to improve their lives. Journaling provided the clearest results of change in the students' perception of fitness. Journal entries showed an increased understanding of good diet practices, the need for adequate water consumption, the importance of daily exercise and an overall appreciation for lifelong health.

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