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Sustained silent reading: changing habits of the aliterate





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My research study and following paper resulted from my desire to change negative attitudes about reading in the ninth grade language arts setting. I wanted to find a way to motivate students to do more reading outside of class as well, creating a habit that would carry over to adulthood. My review of literature provides evidence that Sustained Silent Reading promotes the reading habit by allowing students to choose their own books, read at their own pace, and not take tests on what they read. My literature review also establishes that reading scores increase at a faster pace with Sustained Silent Reading than without. The purpose of my study was to examine whether attitude about reading would change to create life ling reading habits. My study consisted or two section of Literature 9. 45 students participated in the study. Students were required to bring a book of their choice to class each day and read for the first ten minutes of class time. Students were observed throughout the study and a survey was given before and after the six-week period. The results indicated that students enjoy reading more when they are able to choose their own books and reading pace. This enjoyment for reading has trickled into other areas of their lives: study halls, other classes, and home. The results from my study concluded that most students like reading more because of Sustained Silent Reading.

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