Empowering special education students





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My research study resulted from the difficulties with having adequate time to meet which every special education student on my caseload. The current model used does not allow for guaranteed student contact time therefore, not all students have the opportunity to discuss issues relating to their education specifically, their IEP, with me as their case manager. The development of a Personal Portfolio is one strategy I discovered that could increase that contact time in addition, it provided an opportunity to work on increasing student's self-determination skills. Special education students need skills to increase participation in educational planning so they can have a successful transition to adulthood. A review of the literature suggests teaching self-determination is vital to this population of students. Practical ways to teach self-determination are needed to ensure educators are giving students necessary skills to succeed in life. The purpose of this study was to find if self-determination skills were impacted by completing a portfolio one to one with their case manager. My study consisted of three special education students who were in the ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade. Students were given a pre-interview, followed by guided activities and discussion with me. I conducted a post interview given following the activities and discussions. The results indicate that student's self-determination skills increased when given opportunity to complete activities related to their learning and education as well as having discussions with their case manager on a regular basis.

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