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Natural gifts





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The research question addressed is, how do teachers guide students in discovering their natural gifts? It documents one teacher's beginning of the year process of guiding students in realizing their God given natural gifts. Key influences for research and development included colleagues, former and current students, and various authors. Howard Gardner's research delves into the many facets of communicating more effectively with the intellect, or multiple intelligences. Another area researched is creativity. Robert Fritz, Maria and Charlie Girsch, Paul Grenier, and Julia Cameron offer their insight into authenticity, intuition, and strategies for inspiring creativity. The final area of research is assisting teachers in staying spiritually connected, so they may guide their students to connect to their natural gift. Parker Palmer looks at the spiritual, emotional, and psychological side of the human condition through the lenses of a teacher. Activities from the author, Diane Heacox, provide a range of ideas for discovering natural gifts.

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