How can I support single parent families and their child to be successful in school





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Supporting single parent families and their children's success in school has become a deep passion for me. Being a single parent myself at one time created an awareness of the importance for parents and schools to work together. My experiences encouraged me to find new ideas to look deeper into strengthening this partnership. My desire to help parents and students from my own classroom emerged as I looked back on my personal experience as a single parent. Experts in the field of divorce and single parenting offered models, plans, and strategies for classroom use. Colleagues, parents of students in my classroom, and personal friends were also important in helping with my research. Through the use of surveys, a single parenting class I attended, and personal journal reflections, I gathered ideas that I can use to support single parent families. I found valuable community resources and learned that parent's valued flexibility and an open line of communication to build a strong school and family relationship.

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