Capstone/Dissertation Title

A Culturally Relevant Writing Curriculum for Ojibwe Adolescents


Summer 7-29-2015



Degree Name


Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Terry Gluek

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Sheila Horn

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Tara Olson


The research question addressed was what would a culturally relevant writing curriculum look like for Ojibwe adolescents? The goal of this research was to examine how best practice in writing instruction combines with culturally relevant teaching practices for Ojibwe adolescents to promote ownership of the writing process, especially the prewriting and revising stages. Building upon the work of Culham, Fletcher, Gallagher, Peha, Spandel, and Zolbrod, the author created a writing curriculum in the form of a teacher handbook with mini lessons, mentor texts, anchor charts, graphic organizers, and assessments to enable teachers to quickly and easily implement a culturally relevant writer’s workshop with 6 Traits vocabulary for Ojibwe students. Included for each item is a summary, teaching notes, rationale for inclusion and reflection on significance.


Curriculum, Multicultural Education, Writing, Writer’s Workshop

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