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Reflections and experiences regarding methods and structure of the pedagogy of traditional African music as expressed in specific regions of the Spanish-speaking Caribbean and sub-Saharan West Africa





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This work represents the culmination fifteen years of continuing studies of the pedagogy of traditional African and African-derived drum music of Ghana, Puerto Rico, and Cuba, combining insights and information gathered with theoretical perspectives and theories offered in classroom curricula in the Hamline University MAEd program. This topic was chosen due to the great number of years invested by the author in the subject matter and his recognition of inherent topics relevant to the field of education. Key individuals who influenced the evolution of this work include Sowah Mensah, J.H. Kwabena Nketia, Ken Simon, and Walter Enloe. The methods utilized in the production of this work can be summarized as Anthropological Participant-Observation research. The results describe important connections and conclusions regarding the pedagogy of traditional African drumming music in Africa proper, and the expression of the traditional methods of teaching and learning in the New World.

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