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Seeing is remembering: the efficacy of using visual arts to teach secondary language arts for increased motivation, retention and student achievement





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There is joy in seeing students engaged with their learning. Too often, middle school students appear to lack the motivation to learn and seemed to be disengaged from their learning. What would it take to restore their sense of excitement about learning? If visual arts techniques were used to teach language arts, would motivation to learn increase? If students were more motivated and engaged in their learning, would there be a natural and linear progression to increased retention and student achievement? These questions guided the exploration within this capstone. This study purported to test the theory that visual arts were a viable, natural, powerful tool in the teaching of language arts. The study also explored the possibility of a linear progression from increased motivation to increased retention, and, finally, increased student achievement. Would the students receiving the visually-rich curriculum perform better on a standard assessment tool? The findings were both expected and surprising.

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