How Does Rewards-Based Classroom Management Impact Kindergarten Student Behavior?


Summer 7-21-2015



Degree Name


Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Laura Halldin

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Greg Krueger

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Tracy Nelson


The research question addressed in this project was, how does rewards-based classroom management impact kindergartens student behavior? The motivating factor for this capstone was changes in student behavior in a classroom managed using rewards versus a classroom management system that did not use rewards. This capstone details how a kindergarten teacher compared data gathered during two eight-week research study periods. During the first study period, student behavior data was tracked while classroom rewards were used to manage student behavior. During the second eight-week period, the same data was tracked while the teacher not use rewards. The author concluded that both methods can be successful when used properly, but that individual teacher preference and style are contributing factors to the success of any classroom management system. A key influence for this capstone was a college instructor who challenged conventional wisdom on the use of rewards in the classroom.


Classroom Management, Developmentally Appropriate Practice, Motivation

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