Spring 5-15-2015



Degree Name


Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Kathryn Heinze

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Ann Mabbott

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Sara George


Secondary English language teachers and content mathematics teachers are called upon to develop the language and mathematics skills of students. English learners need learning methods in place that will aid in learning both sets of skills. This research outlines methods to incorporate language usage into mathematics instruction through incorporating direct vocabulary instruction, problem solving procedures and oral presentations. The research was conducted in a sheltered mathematics classroom over the course of two weeks. Data was collected from pre-­‐ test and post-­‐test scores, students presented problems after following a set of problem solving procedures, and a completing a written assessment where students explain their mathematical thinking. The productive and receptive language was analyzed using rubrics based on WIDA™ speaking and writing rubric. The research supports the use of direct vocabulary instruction, and implementing learning strategies that support increasing the usage of oral and written mathematics language.


ESL/ ELLs, Mathematics

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