The Flipped Classroom in High School Pre-Calculus


Summer 8-12-2014



Degree Name


Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Shelley Orr

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Jacqueline Stevens

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Marcus Hammerseng


The question addressed in this research was, will using a flipped classroom help students gain a greater understanding of math concepts? The study addresses the efforts of one teacher to take a pre-calculus classroom, with students used to traditional methods of math education, and expose them to a newly created flipped classroom curriculum, hopefully providing students with more time in class for active engagement with the math concepts and giving a greater amount of feedback to students. The author examines the results of three tests given to students of the flipped classroom and of the traditional classroom as well as responses to a survey given to the students in the flipped classroom. The test results show that the flipped classroom students improved on each subsequent test. The survey yielded very mixed results for the student preferences for or against the flipped classroom.


Mathematics, Technology

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