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Mandarin Immersion School: A Case Study





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Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Michal Moskow

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Bonnie Swierzbin

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Linda O’Malley


The research questions addressed in this project were designed to explore the literacy development of a nine-year-old boy in an elementary Mandarin immersion program. The motivating factor for this research was to investigate his learning experience from his perspective, that of his teachers and that of his mother, the researcher. The approach chosen was a case study using ethnographic methodology consisting of classroom and home observations, teacher and student interviews, a survey, and formative and summative assessments. During the course of the study, it emerged that he has dyslexia. The issues in dealing with a dyslexic student were therefore also analyzed, and consideration was given to pedagogical practices that could help dyslexic language students in a Mandarin immersion environment. These practices could also be helpful for students learning languages who do not have dyslexia.

Research Methodology

Case Study


Foreign Language, Literacy, bilingual, immersion school

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