The concrete forest: a series of stories written to encourage urban children to recognize and appreciate the living creatures that live within the city limits





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The challenge addressed in this project is writing stories that not only draw urban children outside, but also help them recognize and appreciate the living creatures that live within their city. The motivating factor for this capstone was the overwhelming numbers of third graders the teacher encountered over years of teaching, who felt that there was no nature to observe around their place of residence whether it was an apartment or a shelter. By personifying and creating endearing animal characters, these stories touch the hearts of children, bring to light the struggles animals face living in a world of shrinking natural habitats, and encourage further learning. Included is a variety of educational strategies. The author purposely exposed readers to challenging vocabulary and cultural diversity. Children will enjoy the KidAction section, and teachers will find lesson ideas to use with these stories or stories written by other naturalist-authors to enhance learning.

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