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Translation into Spanish of the bat conservation and management workshop curriculum (bat conservation international)





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This capstone exemplifies the importance of breaking language barriers in order to spread knowledge. English usually leads the way in the development of many fields of science, including conservation and environmental education. Thus, after searching for environmental material that had not been translated into Spanish-but that could be pertinent to a Latin American conservation effort-the Bat Conservation and Management Workshop Curriculum from Bat Conservation International was chosen as material worthy of such attention. Therefore, this study consisted of the translation into Spanish of such text, whose context, purpose, and audience are very specialized. This capstone also analyzes the complexity of this kind of translation, exposing the variety of translation aids necessary to complete the target text. The whole process also revealed how the context and other extra-linguistic (non-verbal) criteria came into play in unexpected ways that needed to be deciphered in order to accurately decode and recode meanings.

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