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Does exposure to an environmental education unit on conservation and recycling have an effect on students' pro-environmental actions while in and outside of school?





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The purpose of this study was to investigate if introducing a unit of environmental education (EE) had an effect on students' actions of recycling and conserving while in and outside of school. Parents were surveyed before the study was conducted, asking what behaviors they saw at home from their child. Students participated in the EE unit at school, and were asked to track their recycling and conserving behaviors while in school. After the EE unit and the activity in class, students were observed once again to see if their learned behaviors continued after the EE unit. A second survey was sent home after the study to see if their behaviors increased at home. The in-class data was compared to the pre and post survey sent home to parents. While more research is needed, it was concluded from the data that an EE unit on conservation and recycling has a positive effect.

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