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Fostering watershed awareness, conservation, and stewardship through the use of an interactive website





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This capstone explores the practicality of a local watershed district in eastern South Dakota establishing an interactive website in order to foster community awareness, conservation, and stewardship of the Big Sioux River watershed. With the growth of the World Wide Web and a significant increase in internet access by the agricultural community in South Dakota over the past decade, now seemed like the time to establish a local watershed website. After researching several established watershed-related websites, the Big Sioux River watershed webpage was designed, created, and published on the World Wide Web. The website includes links to water quality monitoring stations throughout the watershed, state and federal water laws, stewardship ideas, resources for teachers, kids, and the public, a local forum, an image gallery, and a website survey. The website provides the Big Sioux River watershed community an easily accessible resource to learn more about the watershed they live in.

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