Comparing the environmental knowledge, sensitivity and behaviors of American high school students educated in the United States to those educated in India





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How does the environmental knowledge, sensitivity and locus of control of American high school students vary based on where they are educated, whether in India or at home in the United States? This study was a replication of a previous Hamline NSEE capstone by a chemistry/physics teacher in Minnesota in 2005 with students enrolled in the American Embassy School in India. The students in the study of both schools were enrolled in high school chemistry classes. The design of both studies included the model of pro-environmental behavior by Kollmus and Agyeman in 2002. Using t-tests to compare scores in the three areas of interest, the results showed no significant differences between the student scores in Minnesota and those at the Embassy School in India. However, the goal of utilizing the same instrument in a different setting with similar students was met and does add to the literature.

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