Hamline School of Law combined with William Mitchell College of Law in 2015 to form Mitchell Hamline School of Law. This page serves as an archive of the journal edited by Hamline School of Law students. Mitchell-Hamline maintains its own institutional repository called Mitchell Hamline Open Access.

Hamline Law Review Is a student managed and operated publication of the Hamline University School of Law in Saint Paul, Minnesota. We are dedicated to providing a forum for legal professionals, academics, and students to discuss contemporary legal issues. We are the flagship academic journal of the School of Law at Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota. The law review is published three times annually by the students of Hamline University School of Law. The Hamline Law Review was established in 1978. Today, it is in the top 20% of the Most Cited Law Reviews (tied with Energy Law Review at #379), based upon the number of times its articles have been cited by other journals.

Current Issue: Volume 38, Issue 3 (2015)



Criminal Justice and the 2013-2014 United States Supreme Court Term
Madhavi M. McCall, Michael A. McCall, and Christopher E. Smith