Venturing Beyond the Classroom: Volume 2 in the Rethinking Negotiation Teaching Series


Venturing Beyond the Classroom: Volume 2 in the Rethinking Negotiation Teaching Series


Download Chapter 1: Introduction: Half-Way to a Second Generation (158 KB)

Download Chapter 2: Lessons from the Field: First Impressions from Second Generation Negotiation Teaching (276 KB)

Download Chapter 3: Instructors Heed the Who:1 Designing Negotiation Training With the Learner in Mind (212 KB)

Download Chapter 4: Re-Orienting the Trainer to Navigate – Not Negotiate – Islamic Cultural Values (173 KB)

Download Chapter 5: Can We Engineer Comprehensiveness in “Negotiation” Education? (184 KB)

Download Chapter 6: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Negotiator: What Chinese Characters Have to Offer Negotiation Pedagogy (291 KB)

Download Chapter 7: Straight Off the Deep End in Adventure Learning (13518 KB)

Download Chapter 8: Orientation and Disorientation: Two Approaches to Designing “Authentic” Negotiation Learning Activities (521 KB)

Download Chapter 9: Bringing Negotiation Teaching to Life: From the Classroom to the Campus to the Community (184 KB)

Download Chapter 10: A Look at a Negotiation 2.0 Classroom: Using Adventure Learning Modules to Supplement Negotiation Simulations (205 KB)

Download Chapter 11: Is What’s Good for the Gander Good for the Goose? A “Semi-Student” Perspective (141 KB)

Download Chapter 12: Adventure Learning: Not Everyone Gets to Play (179 KB)

Download Chapter 13: A Second Dive into Adventure Learning (11071 KB)

Download Chapter 14: Get Ripped and Cut Before Training: Adventure Preparation for the Negotiation Trainer (136 KB)

Download Chapter 15: Simulation 2.0: The Resurrection (222 KB)

Download Chapter 16: Enhancing Concept Learning: The Simulation Design Experience (232 KB)

Download Chapter 17: Using Role-Play in Online Negotiation Teaching (234 KB)

Download Chapter 18: What Travels: Teaching Gender in Cross-Cultural Negotiation Classrooms (189 KB)

Download Chapter 19: Emotions – A Blind Spot in Negotiation Training? (207 KB)

Download Chapter 20: If I’d Wanted to Teach About Feelings, I Wouldn’t Have Become a Law Professor (175 KB)

Download Chapter 21: Relationship 2.0 (289 KB)

Download Chapter 22: Bazaar Dynamics: Teaching Integrative Negotiation Within a Distributive Environment (190 KB)

Download Chapter 23: Should We Trust Grand Bazaar Carpet Sellers (and vice versa)? (666 KB)

Download Chapter 24: Navigating Wickedness: A New Frontier in Teaching Negotiation (152 KB)

Download Chapter 25: Negotiating Wicked Problems: Five Stories (260 KB)

Download Chapter 26: “Adaptive” Negotiation: Practice and Teaching (1789 KB)

Download Chapter 27: Design: The U.S. Army’s Approach to Negotiating Wicked Problems (191 KB)

Download Acknowledgements (1952 KB)

Download About the Editors (61 KB)

Download Epilogue: Two to Tango? (795 KB)


In October 2009, more than 50 of the world's leading negotiation scholars gathered in Istanbul, Turkey for the second in a series of three international conferences designed to critically examine what is taught in contemporary negotiation courses and how we teach them, with special emphasis on how best to "translate" teaching methodology to succeed with diverse, global audiences. In organizing the Istanbul conference, we took particular note of a consistent strain of criticism of the artificiality of a classroom environment, which became a running theme of many of our authors in the project's first year, captured in the previously published RETHINKING NEGOTIATION TEACHING: INNOVATIONS FOR CONTEXT AND CULTURE (DRI Press 2009). It would be hard to imagine a better environment for trying something new and different outside the classroom environment than Istanbul, and we tried to do honor to one of the world's greatest trading cities in our design for the conference. In brief, we dispatched small teams of scholars into the city's famous bazaars, for one exercise in studying how negotiation might be taught more actively, and dispatched teams into the city's less touristy neighborhoods on another occasion, with instructions that required each team to negotiate internally. The resulting rich collection of scholarship is gathered in our current title - VENTURING BEYOND THE CLASSROOM.



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Venturing Beyond the Classroom: Volume 2 in the Rethinking Negotiation Teaching Series