Rethinking Negotiation Teaching: Innovations for Context and Culture


Rethinking Negotiation Teaching: Innovations for Context and Culture


Download Chapter 1: Introduction: The Second Generation of Negotiation Teaching (126 KB)

Download Chapter 2: Negotiation as a Post-Modern Process (143 KB)

Download Chapter 3: Finding Common Ground in the Soil of Culture (162 KB)

Download Chapter 4: Reflective Practice in the New Millennium (151 KB)

Download Chapter 5: I’m Curious: Can We Teach Curiosity? (108 KB)

Download Chapter 6: Negotiating Your Public Identity: Women’s Path to Power (165 KB)

Download Chapter 7: You’ve Got Agreement: Negoti@ting via Email (203 KB)

Download Chapter 8: Addressing Partisan Perceptions (101 KB)

Download Chapter 9: Negotiation Nimbleness When Cultural Differences are Unidentified (139 KB)

Download Chapter 10: Culture – The Body/Soul Connector in Negotiation Ethics (141 KB)

Download Chapter 11: The Psychology of Giving and Its Effect on Negotiation (273 KB)

Download Chapter 12: Designing Heuristics: Hybrid Computational Models for Teaching the Negotiation of Complex Contracts (282 KB)

Download Chapter 13: Death of the Role-Play (247 KB)

Download Chapter 14: Negotiating Learning Environments (226 KB)

Download Chapter 15: Online Communication Technology and Relational Development (147 KB)

Download Chapter 16: Moving Up: Positional Bargaining Revisited (182 KB)

Download Chapter 17: What Really Happened in the Negotiation? (127 KB)

Download Chapter 18: Cultural Baggage When You “Win As Much As You Can” (126 KB)

Download Chapter 19: Outward Bound to Other Cultures: Seven Guidelines (180 KB)

Download Chapter 20: Minimizing Communication Barriers (153 KB)

Download Chapter 21: We Came, We Trained, But Did It Matter? (155 KB)

Download Chapter 22: Culture, Cognition and Learning Preferences (142 KB)

Download Chapter 23: Epilogue: The Committee to Make the Students Learn (69 KB)

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In May 2008, more than 50 of the world's leading negotiation scholars and trainers gathered in Rome, Italy to embark on a multi-year effort to develop "second generation" global negotiation education. The participants' post-conference writings - the 22 chapters contained in RETHINKING NEGOTIATION TEACHING -critically examine what is currently taught in executive style negotiation courses and how we teach it, with special emphasis on how best to "translate" teaching methodology to succeed with diverse, global audiences. Collectively, the chapters provide a blueprint for designing courses to take account of the most recent discoveries in the growing, multi-disciplinary science of negotiation and confronting the challenges of teaching negotiation in cross-cultural settings.



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Rethinking Negotiation Teaching: Innovations for Context and Culture