Departmental Honors Project Title

Paint and Sound: A Dialogue

Date of Award

Spring 2015

Degree Type

Honors Project


College of Liberal Arts

First Advisor

Janet Greene


This project is an exploration of the confluence of visual and musical artistic processes. As well as exploring how music and visual arts can inform each other and create dialogue, a central part of the project is an attempt to reach a synesthetic state in my own artistic processes for which my training as a visual artist and musician laid the groundwork. Through active, creative experimentation with making music in response to artwork and vice versa, I undertook to achieve a union of the senses. The project includes historical research that places my work in the context of other artists who have held similar interests and explored the overlap of these art forms in their own work and/or philosophies. I have included information about synesthesia and artists who were synesthetic or simply found inspiration in crossing artistic boundaries.

Included in

Fine Arts Commons