Date of Award

Fall 2014

Degree Type

Honors Project


College of Liberal Arts

First Advisor

George Chu


This project represents a practical investigation into using original underscore in the modern theatrical experience. Over 40 minutes of cinematic, orchestral underscore were composed by the author specifically for Hamline University Theatre Department’s 2014 production of Macbeth. Using electronic scoring methods and digital playback strategies, the music was “performed” with variable timing that was able to directly match the performance of the actor’s for each show. The accompanying written musicological analysis explores the score’s uses of themes, spotting strategies, and integration of the show’s artistic concept. The analysis, in conjunction with the recorded score, demonstrates a cohesive effort to seamlessly blend digitally rendered musical score into a live theatrical production.

01 Hurlyburly.mp3 (4238 kB)
Hurlyburly (Act I, Scene 1)

02 Two Truths.mp3 (1938 kB)
Two Truths (Act I, Scene 3)

03 The Harvest Is Your Own.mp3 (6280 kB)
The Harvest Is Your Own (Act I, Scene 4-5)

04 Bloody Instructions.mp3 (3926 kB)
Bloody Instructions (Act I, Scene 7)

05 Fatal Vision.mp3 (3460 kB)
Fatal Vision (Act II, Scene 1)

06 Thou Hast It Now.mp3 (1522 kB)
Thou Hast It Now (Act III, Scene 1)

07 It Is Concluded.mp3 (5585 kB)
It Is Concluded (Act III, Scene 1)

08 Treachery.mp3 (2895 kB)
Treachery (Act III, Scene 3)

09 Drink a Measure.mp3 (4573 kB)
Drink a Measure (Act III, Scene 4)

10 A Vaporous Drop.mp3 (3655 kB)
A Vaporous Drop (Act III, Scene 5)

11 Toil and Trouble.mp3 (4665 kB)
Toil and Trouble (Act IV, Scene 1)

12 Some Desolate Shade.mp3 (2182 kB)
Some Desolate Shade (Act IV, Scene 2-3)

13 Deadly Grief.mp3 (5827 kB)
Deadly Grief (Act IV, Scene 3)

14 Here May You See the Tyrant.mp3 (7923 kB)
Here May You See the Tyrant (Act V, Scene 6-7)

15 Hail, King of Scotland.mp3 (4609 kB)
Hail, King of Scotland (Act V, Scene 8)

16 The Tears of Scotland.mp3 (7348 kB)
The Tears of Scotland








Departmental Honors Project