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Margaret Faye, Junior Bridesmaid


Spring 7-3-2018

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Restricted Access Thesis

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Emily Jenkins

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Margaret Faye, Junior Bridesmaid is a Chick Lit novel about a theatre-obsessed 16-year-old who is visiting Hawaii for her cousin's destination wedding. The thing is, Margaret Faye's extended family is a bit eccentric (okay, very eccentric), and all of them stuck at a Hawaiian resort means that drama, drunkenness, and plenty of wedding catastrophes are inevitable.

First there are Margaret Faye's mothers, who have the best of intentions, but are a tad too invested in her sex life. Next, is Aunt Rebecca - the mother-of-the-bride-zilla, if there even is such a thing. This mother-turned-wedding planner is committed to throwing her daughter, Valerie, the wedding of the century, even if that means steamrolling everyone in her path. Then, we have Uncle Lester, the oddball uncle who accidentally joined a cult, Anton and August, the 4-year-old twins who are unstoppable forces of destruction, and TJ, Margaret Faye's older sister, who is an up-and-coming tennis star and social media goddess.

And then there's Ainsley. Margaret Faye's cousin, former-BFF, and current arch-nemesis. One year ago, Ainsley and Margaret Faye had a major falling-out that sent shockwaves through this tight-knit family. Now, the two are forced to spend a week in paradise together with no means of a escape. In this wild family adventure, Margaret Faye and Ainsley bicker frequently, fall in love with the same man, attempt to sabotage one another, and ultimately save Valerie's wedding from catastrophe, all while trying to mend a friendship that has fallen apart.


Novel, Young adult, Contemporary

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