Capstone/Thesis Title

Court of Silk and Blood


Summer 2018

Upload Type

Restricted Access Thesis

Primary Advisor/Thesis Chair

Mary Logue

Degree Name



Lured into a life of crime by his father, Rydrew Eillis has a single goal – to escape Avaris with his younger sister, Kesi. But to pay for passage off the island he needs money from one last job: killing Lalina Davenry.

Lina has known since childhood that her family expects her to serve as Prince Alendros’s bride, the most prized position for a Lord’s daughter in the Court of Founders. But years of training haven’t curtailed her fierce convictions and compassion for common citizens – values the prince doesn’t share.

So when Kesi accidentally commits a crime punishable by death, Lina doesn’t think twice before sparing her life. Now Drew will stop at nothing to repay Lina – including foiling his last job and betraying his family.

With no hope of employment and his family plotting revenge, Drew agrees to serve as Lina’s guard. Before long they are fighting her impending marriage, his family’s assassination attempts, and their feelings for each other.

As unrest spirals across their island kingdom, and war brews, they learn the job of killing Lina was orchestrated by a traitor within her household to mask a more nefarious plot for the crown - one that threatens to shatter the court, their country, and Lina’s family. But winning the war and saving their families might mean allying with the prince – and losing each other.


Young adult








Creative Writing Program