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Frances in the Wastelands


Summer 7-12-2018

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Restricted Access Thesis

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Swati Avasthi

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It's the summer before 7th grade and Frances just moved to a neighborhood of experimental, low-income apartments in an abandoned mall with his Mom and step-dad. His biological father died when he was 6 years old and he is starting to get curious about who his dad may have been. He asks his mom, but she answers his questions about his step-dad like she doesn’t know what Frances means. Curious and bored with his lifeless surroundings, Frances does some investigating of his own. He finds an article in his Mom’s things that reveals his dad to have been an abusive husband and a criminal. In the process of coping with this information and wondering what it means about his own destiny, he begins hanging out with some known troublemakers and fulfilling his own worries of being like his biological father. When his new group of friends threaten to vandalize the mall, he has to make the choice to speak up for his true self.


Middle grade

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