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Street Magic


Spring 5-11-2018

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Restricted Access Thesis

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Emma Bull

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John Brandon

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There is a world beneath our own, one where magic and monsters roam free. In this world, magical Families, organizations based on prohibition-era criminals, oversee the day-to-day activities of their fellow creatures. The head of one of a Chicago based Family called the New Dawn has recently been murdered, leaving her twin adult sons to handle the Family in her absence. But Matron Harriet Bardin had secrets that didn't die with her, and those secrets will only bring trouble to her sons, Anton and Caleb, as well as the very Magicks she was supposed to protect.


I am a resident of Apple Valley, Minnesota, with a long time passion for storytelling of all kinds. I also have a deep interest in comics and graphic novels, and I have written for a web-based news and analytical source called ComicsVerse for over a year at the time of this writing. My deepest literary inspirations are Neil Gaiman (American Gods, SANDMAN), Stephen King (The Stand, The Gunslinger), and Michael McDowell (The Elementals).


Sci fi / fantasy, Speculative fiction, Contemporary, Novel

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