Capstone/Thesis Title

Shows Growth in Self-Control


Spring 5-14-2018

Upload Type

Restricted Access Thesis

Primary Advisor/Thesis Chair

Angela Pelster-Weibe

Secondary Advisor/Outside Reader

Patricia Weaver Francisco

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A hybrid memoir which uses fiction as a means to elaborate the story of Leila, an iteration of the author, through prose and poetry and a series of moments in a life that add up to a trajectory. The manuscript illuminates the interiority of girls and women and the effects of trauma on developing agency. Invoking a strong closeness to the natural world and highlighting perception versus reality, the protagonist/author is ultimately successful at this pursuit.


Nina Adel teaches college writing and therapeutic Creative Writing. She is also a musician and has written, recorded, performed and toured three albums of original music. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Nina has also lived in Mexico, New York, Japan, Boston, Albuquerque and Minneapolis, and now lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her two children and her dog.


Hybrid / multi-genre