Capstone/Thesis Title

Shades of Blue


Spring 5-15-2018

Upload Type

Restricted Access Thesis

Primary Advisor/Thesis Chair

John Brandon

Secondary Advisor/Outside Reader

Sheila O'Connor

Degree Name



Three centuries after the apocalypse, an empire has emerged that is devoted to The Blue, the reigning religion in what was once the state of Colorado. Near the heart of its empire is The Source, a whirling sandstorm that has been raging since before the empire's inception, a place of mystery and destruction.

Julie, a wife and mother of two, leads her family across the high desert in search of Old World ruins. They are Seekers, a sub-sect of The Blue who believe in the literal teachings of The Path, and live a semi-nomadic lifestyle in pursuit of their faith.

Dick is a Shephard, a special investigator employed by the Temple of Justice. His job sends him to all the corners of the empire in search of the truth, revealing those who've decided to operate outside the confines of the law.

When the foundations of the empire are weakened by corruption, dogmatic revelations, insurrection, guns and the emergence of magic, Dick's attempts at discovering the truth intersect with Julie's quest to find The Path, and as they struggle to make sense of the ensuing chaos The Source expands beyond its confines to threaten the capital itself.


Sci fi / fantasy