Capstone/Thesis Title

End Matters


Spring 4-16-2018

Upload Type

Restricted Access Thesis

Primary Advisor/Thesis Chair

Angela Pelster-Wiebe

Secondary Advisor/Outside Reader

Patricia Weaver Francisco

Degree Name



"End Matters" is a collection of personal essays honoring the time I spent taking care of my loved ones in hospice care. These essays reveal the many emotions and issues one encounters when walking a loved one through the last days of life. The collection mixes memories of family with the end of life experiences I shared with each person.


I spent twenty-four years in medicine before exploring writing in the MFA program at Hamline.after obtaining an English/Philosophy double major at St. Catherine's University. CNF as a chosen genre was easy for me. I want to explore the history of my family and record it for future generations, but do so with the humor and honesty it deserves.


Essay, Lyric essay, Personal essay, Memoir