Capstone/Thesis Title

I Won't Be Your Miracle


Winter 1-14-2018

Upload Type

Restricted Access Thesis

Primary Advisor/Thesis Chair

Coe Booth

Degree Name



In I Won’t Be Your Miracle, Jocelyn’s immunodeficiency keeps her isolated from the world outside of appointments and her apartment. She even met her best friend Morgan on the internet. As her condition improves and starts to come under control, Jocelyn decides that she needs to escape the carefully made support system made by her Mom and two sisters, Evie and Abby. Especially after Jocely notices that Evie is no longer her bubbly self and she begins to worry about the deals that her mom made with Jocelyn’s sisters to keep her alive. After watching a series of slam poetry online and the encouragement of Morgan, Jocelyn decides to try it. If she can do this, she feels that she might be able to go back into the world without the worry of her illness.

If she can succeed at slam poetry than she will be able to go to college and that will allow both of her sisters to do what they want to do. Except Jocelyn meets a boy named Sam that makes her want to stay closer to home as their relationship develops beyond friendship. Jocelyn must make a decision of her place in the world and what deals she wants to make with herself.


Young adult, Contemporary, Hybrid / multi-genre